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The Real Oxygen Treatment developed by a Doctor



Oxygen RX Treatment                                                                                                               

The use of oxygen is among the most controversial modalities in skin care. It is important to differentiate between the activities of oxygen entering the body through the lungs, versus the benefit of a topical application.

Oxygen, taken in through respiration, is used in the complex process of energy production in the cell. It is also critical for the formation of collagen in the dermis. The very nature of the skin as a barrier makes the topical application of oxygen both difficult and only marginally effective. But Dr. Pugliese discovered that oxygen can effectively be generated on the surface of the skin. By generating oxygen on the skin at the time of use, penetration is enhanced without excess formation of free radicals.

The Oxygen RX kit employs a gel base mixed with a single-use powder to effectively reduce signs of redness and bacterial content. When combined with the appropriate home care products, clients with acne and rosacea see and feel significant improvement. This refreshing treatment is also useful in long-term hyperpigmentation treatment protocols.

Skin care just got a whole lot easier!

Skin Type Indications:

Acne, rosacea, sun-damaged skin, telangiectasia, inflamed skin, dull/denatured skin etc.


The Oxygen Rx treatment can be used on any skin type. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The lightening and vasoconstricting capabilities give instant results. The procedure is quick, easy and pleasant. The end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness. It can be repeated as often as once a week (oxygen only). With the enzyme treatment included, it can be repeated once every other week.

  • Germicidal action in the skin against acne and rosacea

  • A skin lightening agent and sun damage reduction

  • Increases skin function, nutrient transport and repair to make skin look better

  • Decreases erythema/redness

  • Vaso-constricting of capillaries

  • Stimulates fibroblasts which create collagen in the skin

  • Increases new blood vessel formation

  • Supply of Oxgen that neutralizes free radical ATP(Energy) by products

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