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AnteAGE Regenzyme

AnteAGE Regenzyme is a gentle, enzyme based exfoliant made without any harsh, stripping ingredients.

AnteAGE Regenzyme

  • After cleansing face, apply a small (quarter-sized) amount to skin. It's best to do so in a steamy environment. Let the enzymes sit on your skin for 10-12 minutes before removing with cool water. Continue with the rest of your routine.

    You may use Regenzyme one to three times per week! While using Regenzyme, make sure to use SPF/Sunscreen during the daytime.

    • Pumpkin Fruit Extract: Potent Pumpkin fruit enzyme helps promote the natural exfoliation process, which aids in fading the
      appearance of fine lines and softens skin. Rich in Vitamin A. 
    • Papaya Enzyme (Papain): Enzyme derived from Papayas, digests keratin proteins to help promote the natural exfoliation process.
      A powerful antioxidant rich in Vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene.
    • Pineapple Enzyme (Bromelain): Proteolytic enzyme isolated from Pineapple stems, hydrolyses proteins into peptides and amino acids
    • Fig Enzyme (Ficin): Proteolytic enzyme isolated from Figs, catalyzes the hydrolysis of proteins including keratin proteins,
      helping aid the natural exfoliation process.
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